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Its A B-E-A-U-Tiful Day…
January 24, 2008, 4:41 pm
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ahh, i dunno wat to do with my time lah. so im just gonne crap around here for nw. dont really understand how to do the whole online journal thingi… but i guess i aint got no choice but to do it right? blah blah blah… Communications… wat to say about this man? i really dunno wat to say… bleah. why cant this blog thing be like just a blog. haha. why must like analyse stuff and all. ahh, now i dunno if im even getting my facts right? forget it, ill just reclarify with the lecturer again lah. im so dumb that’s for sure.. HAHA. i just insulted myself… very goood.. aiyah, im general, im a fool. i just joke around all the time, so much so that pple just dont seem to be abloe to treat me seriously… haha. how cool is that?

anyways, i dunno wat else to type lah. just typed one whole essay long thingi in my own personal blog already. grr. handling two blogs is gonna be so tough.. Good luck Jojo.!